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Tuition Fees and Refunds

How to Pay Your Tuition

We make tuition payment easy and convenient by offering online payment  through your RaiderNet account with a Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express credit or debit card. To access the online payment, select the Pay Fees Tab and then CashNet Access.  Please be aware that a 2.75% non-refundable convenience fee will apply to credit/debit card transactions. This is a processing fee that does not go toward NWF State College, but to the CashNet payment system, and therefore will not appear on your student account. However, you may make e-check payments online without a fee.

If you do not wish to pay online, you can make cash, check, or money order payments with any campus cashier. You can also mail check or money order payments (no cash, please) to the Business Office, Northwest Florida State College, 100 College Blvd., Niceville FL 32578. 

Fee Payment Deadlines

When you complete your class registration, you will be given a deadline for fee payment. You may pay these fees immediately, or by the date assigned.  It is your responsibility to obtain this information and honor this due date. Keep in mind that if you do not pay your entire account balance, you will be dropped from all courses regardless of prior or partial payments (unless you have a Nelnet payment plan). For additional information about account fees, please contact the business office.

Spring 2018 Tuition Due Dates

Spring tuition is due on the following dates. The first due date for Spring tuition is December 13, 2017. All Times Are At 6 AM on the Date Specified Unless Otherwise Noted. To find out what you owe, you can click on the “Pay Fees” tab in RaiderNet.

Drop Dates


You can receive a full 100% refund up to and during the schedule adjustment period for the term. Refund checks will only be issued for $1.00 or more. Refunds less than $1.00 will be paid in cash at the Business Office on the Niceville Campus.

You may request a full refund after the schedule adjustment period by completing the refund request form found below. Only the following refund requests are considered valid and will be approved: Serious illness, military orders, death of the student or student’s immediate family, circumstances beyond the student’s control, or administrative college error. Refunds are NOT authorized for changes in work schedules or for enrollment status changes due to illegal activities. Refund requests must be submitted before the midterm and may only apply to the current semester. Drop off your completed refund request form to the Dean of Students office, or email it to

The refund request process may take up to 10 business days.  You will be notified of the disposition via your college email account.

Refund Request Form

Financial Responsibility Statement

All students are required to pay all NWF State College debts and charges in accordance to NWF State College policies. Students assume financial responsibility for all charges billed to their student account including, but not limited to, tuition, course fees, books, returned checks, and parking and library fines. The college is advancing value to the student in the form of educational services and that their right to register is expressly conditioned upon the student’s agreement to pay the costs of tuition, fees, and other charges. It is the student’s responsibility to view charges on their student account on RaiderNet and make payment by the published deadline. As billing statements are only available online, failure to receive a billing statement does not constitute a valid reason for not paying a bill on time.

Non-attendance does not constitute an official drop of classes. A student’s failure to officially drop their class(es) during the College’s add/drop period will not relieve the student of the financial obligation for those class(es).
The following provisions apply to all students:

Financial Aid – The student is responsible for paying all charges for the term if a student’s federal or institutional financial aid is:

A. not received by NWF State College
B. if the student’s eligibility changes and the student is not able to retain financial aid for the semester

Third Party – If the student’s third party sponsor (military, employer, government agency, etc.) fails to pay NWF State College, the student assumes responsibility for paying all charges the sponsor originally promised to pay on their behalf.

Hold on Student Account – A “HOLD” will be placed on the student’s account if the student’s obligations remain unpaid, which will prevent them from registering for future semesters, adding classes for the current term, or receiving official grades and transcripts.

If the student’s account becomes delinquent, the student will not be allowed to register, receive transcripts, grades, or diplomas until the debt is paid in full. Delinquent debts may be reported to a credit bureau and referred to collection agencies. The student will be responsible for all costs of collecting unpaid charges, including attorney fees and court costs.

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