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Clubs and Organizations

If you are interested in registering a new student organization, please read the Student Organization Handbook and follow steps for registering a new student organization. If you are reactivating an inactive student organization, contact the Student Life Office in the Activities Center for information on inactive clubs & organizations.


Brain Bowl
Brain Bowl is a team that competes in academic tournaments around the state in the fall and spring semesters. Tournaments consist of competing against teams from other colleges and universities, answering questions in multi-round matches on topics such as math, current events, history, art and music, geography and science. Tuition scholarships are available to participating students. For more information, contact Dr. Kurt Teets by email, or call (850) 729-5247
Forensics Team (Speech and Debate)
Is public speaking in your future: lawyer; teacher; minister; theater; movies; politics; radio/TV reporter; talk shows? Maybe you like to debate the issues, or you like to enlighten or to entertain people. Are you looking for scholarship opportunities? If so, consider joining the NWF State College Forensics Team! For more information, call (850) 897-2080 or inquire by email.
Phi Theta Kappa
Phi Theta Kappa is the international honor society for two-year colleges. Membership into Northwest Florida State College's Sigma Mu Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa is by invitation only. It is extended by student email to those students currently enrolled at Northwest Florida State College who have completed a minimum of twelve credit hours at our college and have maintained a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.5 in all college courses. Advisor: Mrs. Donna Pierson | (850) 729-6416
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African American Studies
Membership in AASA will give students an opportunity to interact with other individuals who share common interests and develop leadership skills. AASA follows the PACE Plan, which stands for Political Activism, Academic Excellence, Cultural Awareness, and Economic Empowerment. Contact Advisor Dr. Patrice Williams-Shuford for more information | (850) 200-4142
Early Childhood Student Association
Early Childhood Student Association promotes professional growth and knowledge in childhood development area, provides opportunity for students to meet with each other and professionals, perform service projects, and practices advocacy for children and their families. Contact Beverly Sandlin for more information | (850) 729-5386
Film Club
Film Club is composed of students (and is also open to the public) who meet to watch and discuss Hollywood hits, foreign, independent, and classic movies. Please contact Advisor Dr. David Simmons at (850) 729-6074, or President Michael Valdez at (575) 680-7347
NonTrad2Grad is a group for the diverse population of NWF State College students who did not enter college directly from high school. The group will support these students in a social environment by having monthly meetings and support them academically by acting as a resource for information about services at the college. In response to group member's requests, we will have speakers, events, and instructional sessions. Please call (850) 729-5310 or (850) 729-6087 for more information.
Pre-Professional Educators Association
The Pre-Professional Educators Association (PEA) was established fall 2009 to enhance Northwest Florida State College (NWFSC) Teacher Education Programs. PEA serves three main purposes: 1) To provide prospective education majors with information on NWFSC Teacher Education Programs 2) To mentor and assist program peers 3) To enhance the Teacher Education Program experience with activities that enrich the lives of and relationships among students, faculty, staff, and members of the community Please contact Advisor Dr. Lynn Ketter at (850) 729-6440 for more information.
Project Management Institute
The purpose of NWF Project Management Institute, NWF State College Branch of Emerald Coast FL Chapter, is to provide students in the local Okaloosa and Walton County areas greater exposure and accessibility to project management development and education opportunities, other project management professionals, to grow interest in the discipline of project management, and the opportunity to network with other program management professionals. Please contact Advisor Dr. Caisson Vickery at (850) 729-6445 for more information.
Radiography Club
The Radiography Club is composed of members enrolled at NWF State College in the Radiography program. The club promotes awareness in the radiography field and participation in health care related activities. Advisor: Grace Stewart | (850) 729-6462 President: Tara Sutton
Raider Productions
The Raider Productions (formerly Media Group) is a group of digital cinema and film producers, photographers, actors, directors, animators, techies, web designers, sound designers, and anyone else interested in the field of digital multimedia creation. We believe in creativity and that it should be instated as much as possible. Please contact Advisor Sam Hill at (850) 729-5277 for more information.
Raider Writers
The Raider Writers is a group focusing on providing a place of fellowship for creative writers and spoken word artists of Northwest Florida State College. Advisor: Dr. Vickie Hunt | (850) 729-6041 President: Morgan Masek
Society of Human Resource Managers
NWF SHRM is a student based HR professional organization that exists to build and sustain partnerships with community human resource professionals in order to address people management challenges that influence the effectiveness and sustainability of their organizations and communities; provide a community for HR students to share expertise and create innovative solutions on people management issues; proactively provide leadership and opportunities for HR students at NWF State College. Advisor: Keith Burns | (850) 729-5231 President: Elizabeth Scruggs
Student Ambassadors
Northwest Florida State College Student Ambassadors serve as the official hosts & hostesses of the college. They are well spoken, enthusiastic student leaders who represent the college at special events, campus visits and tours, alumni and foundation activities, commencement, and similar recruitment opportunities. The NWF State College Student Ambassador is a position of high esteem and an opportunity for students to have pride and ownership of their higher learning institution while building leadership skills and qualities.
Student Nurses Association
This organization is for students accepted into the nursing program. It aids in reaching members of the community though volunteer work and prepares students for their future career as nurses by teaching them leadership skills. Advisor: Henry Moore | (850) 729-4904 President: Courtney Barrow
Tobacco-Free Task Force
Tobacco-Free Task Force is a passionate team of students, faculty and staff active in the campus. They spread awareness of the harmful effects of tobacco at college campus functions. We are committed to the health and well-being of all. Our vision is to have a safe healthy campus of tobacco free adults. Through Outreach, Education and System Changes we strive to enrich our campus. Our mission is to strengthen community awareness, build longstanding partnerships as we pave our way towards a Tobacco Free policy adoption. Advisor: Sam Hill | (850) 729-5277 President: Shelby Brown