Northwest Florida State College



Northwest Florida State College has Academic Advisors at each of our seven locations. Each advisor is equipped to assist students with their long term educational goals. Upon admission to the college, all new degree seeking students are required to speak with an advisor to become acclimated with resources, understand entrance procedures such as placement testing, and determine an academic path. Although walk-ins are permitted at several locations, appointments should be made to receive prompt service when desiring to speak with an advisor.


Of Academic Advisors:

  • Inviting, knowledgeable, and detail oriented academic advisors
  • Reasonably available advisors to answer questions and ease concerns of the student
  • Provide information and resources, to include contacts at transfer institutions
  • Share information pertaining to college policies and procedures
  • Assist in goal setting and/or provide resources to achieve career goals
  • Provide referral services
  • Maintain confidentiality in accordance with FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act)

Of Students:

  • Keep advising appointments
  • Clarify personal values, abilities, interests, and goals
  • Prepare for and be engaged in advising sessions (i.e. have preliminary course selection complete)
  • Understand university policies and procedures
  • Make decisions based on advice and resources
  • Follow through with suggestions and referrals
  • Monitor academic progress to include an understanding of general education, major, and transfer institution information.
  • Be aware of important dates on the academic calendar
  • Utilize your NWF State College student email account as the official means of institution communication
  • Utilize Raider Net account to monitor student information
  • Accept ultimate responsibility for all decisions. Academic Advisors are merely a guide to your ultimate academic goals.

What Advisors Can’t Do

Financial Advising

Although advisors may be knowledgeable in the area of financial aid, students should contact the Office of Financial Aid to inquire about financial aid, tuition, and fees.

Personal Counseling

While advisors keep students’ well-being at the forefront of advising sessions, personal counseling cannot be conducted on campus. Please ask your advisor for a referral to a counseling agency.

Registration or Withdrawal

Academic Advisors are not able to register or withdraw students from courses. This is the responsibility of the student. Please visit your RaiderNet account to complete this process.